THANK YOU for everyone who supported our 24 hour indoor row!


We are 4 women who have chosen the path less traveled.  We are women who have known challenge and have used those experiences to forge strength and build confidence.  

From our diverse backgrounds, we have each intimately known physical and mental struggle.  We learned that gaining physical and mental strength go hand in hand. We are proof that confidence built through those challenges is confidence that allows us as women to make brave decisions in our lives, from the personal through to our careers.  We share our journey with the hope of empowering other women to rise above their unique challenges.  

The Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge (TWAC) is a daunting challenge.  Not only will it be a true test of our physical and mental strength, but we will be forging new ground for Canadian women as the first Canadian women to enter.  The TWAC is a challenge that will push us to our limits. But through our past experiences we know that we are stronger and more capable than we may think. By undertaking this intimidating journey, we hope to inspire other women to tackle their own challenges.  We know that by meeting challenges head on, we allow those challenges to become our strength, not our weakness.