THANK YOU for everyone who supported our 24 hour indoor row!

Meet the True nOARth Team


Meet the True nOARth Team

We are 4 women who have chosen the path less traveled.  We are women who have known challenge and have used those experiences to forge strength and build confidence. 


Charlotte Sobolewski Entrepreneur. Tech Leader. Athlete.

Charlotte is one of Element AI's Global Advisory Leaders, helping clients launch artificial intelligence products. She moonlights as the co-creator of B Element, a learning platform for dedicated health & fitness professionals, where she coaches master classes in business skills. 

Why row across the Atlantic? To redefine what’s “possible”, and raise awareness and support for environmental conservation in Canada.

Connect on Instagram @fitwithchar @thebelementorg



Colleen Whelan Entrepreneur. Teacher. Adventurer. 

Colleen is an IT consultant who has been supporting non-profit and small businesses for decades.  She is also a Geography teacher at the YMCA Academy. Colleen spends her free time paddling and hiking Canada’s back country.

Why row across the Atlantic? To challenge stereotypes about age and to support Canadian environmental conservation efforts.

Connect on Instagram @cwhelanca


 Kristin Jeffery Lawyer. Entrepreneur. Athlete.

Kristin is the Founder and CEO of SCULLHOUSE Rowing, Toronto’s foremost indoor rowing gym.  When not rowing, Kristin can be found walking her German Shepherd, Watson, and spending time with a good book.

Why row across the Atlantic? To challenge limits, both personal and societal.  To gain strength through overcoming obstacles and raise awareness for the global environmental crisis. 

Connect on Instagram @scullhouse @kjjeffery


Sandra Farwell Athlete. Coach. Mother. 

Sandra is a retired National Team Athlete turned coach who after years of negative experiences wants to help young athletes become the best versions of themselves

Why row across the Atlantic? I have gotten too comfortable in my cushy life and my soul craves adventure.  Rowing across the Atlantic is not the fastest but is one of the most environmentally conscious ways to cross a body of water. Pure WOman power!!!

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