THANK YOU for everyone who supported our 24 hour indoor row!

24 hour sponsors

The 24 hour indoor row would not be possible without the dedicated time, financial support, and investment from our sponsors

SCULLHOUSE Rowing Studio


SCULLHOUSE - Canada's first and premiere indoor rowing studio - is the official location sponsor for the 24 hour indoor row, and generously provided training space for the True nOARth team for months leading up to the big day! 

Learn more about SCULLHOUSE and join one of Toronto's most vibrant fitness communities!



Dunfield Physio and Rehab Centre

Thank you to members of the Dunfield Physio and Rehab Centre in Toronto for volunteering their time during the 24 hour. We are honored to have their support to keep us healthy and well tuned, as we race against the clock to log as many metres as possible in 24 hours. 

Meet our awesome support team below, and book your appointment with them online here. 

Meet the Team

Dr. David Robertson, BSc, DC

Dr. David Robertson is a graduate of the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. Prior to this, he completed a Bachelor of Science with Honors in Kinesiology from York University. During the time Dr. Robertson was enrolled at CMCC, he worked with Canadian Fitness Professionals incorporated to certify and educate fitness professionals within the Greater Toronto Area.
He focuses on generalized fitness and conditioning while utilizing functional fitness screens and rehabilitation to ensure his patients receive the best treatment possible. He continues to teach and educate fitness professionals to ensure a cohesion exists between the fitness and therapy worlds.
He works alongside multiple gyms throughout the GTA, teaching the important practices of injury prevention in a gym and sport setting. Therapeutic Techniques used are mobilization/manipulation, electroacupuncture, myofascial tissue release, electrotherapy and Cupping Therapy.


Sergei Nor, BSc. RAc, RMT 

Sergei Nor has been practicing massage since 2011, and worked at various clinics throughout Toronto and Calgary. Sergei has extensive experience working with professional hockey, MMA, Olympic athletes, as well as fitness enthusiasts. In 2015, he decided to further his knowledge and education by attending the Calgary College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture where he became a licenced acupuncturist.
Sergei utilizes various modalities, including traditional Chinese medicine, Active Release Therapy ART, rehabilitative exercise and cupping therapy. He uses sport performance massage, as well as, relaxation meditative massage to help patients decrease pain, stiffness and to optimize daily functionality and performance. 

Shavaiz Malik, M.Sc PT. 

Shavaiz (Shaz) Malik is a recent graduate from University of Toronto's Physical Therapy program, and has been obtaining a wide variety of clinical experiences since early 2019. 
Most of his clinical expertise involves treating sports injuries for the foot, hips and shoulders. Also, Shavaiz administers the Mckinzie approach towards to the treatment of lower back and neck injuries.
As an avoid lover of fitness, Shavaiz's treatment philosophy involves desensitizing, mobilizing, and strengthening the area of injury. His goal is to maximize his client's confidence and self-efficacy through functional movements and strength training. 


Steve O'Brien, BA, RMT

Steve O'Brien has been a Registered Massage Therapist for 20 years with an exceptional record of service. His focus is on therapeutic and sports rehabilitation, but his range of treatments includes deep tissue to relaxation to lymphatic drainage. Steve's passion for massage was developed from a young age when he was playing many team sports and having to seek treatment for his own injuries. His extensive background has been as a Regional Health Manager with GoodLife Fitness since 2000. Steve looks forward to meeting with you and to tailor a treatment plan that will get you the best results in a shorter time span.